Friday, March 17, 2017

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

The society described in the story sounds unrealistic. It sounds too good to be true and flawless. Its hard to believe something is true when you try to dream of it too hard. I think that the child in the basement can symbolize many things. But I mostly think about the child as a person who suffers for the rest of us. Or someone living on the streets. I think of this because many people walk past the homless on street without giving them anything. We've all done that, but they don't get what they need. It can get cold at night, or it can be raining and they won't have what they need. Sometimes, the homless can be veterans or a person who has a mental illness. The need help, but instead, we walk right past them. I think that the people who wlk away are those people with a higher social status who won't even look at the homeless, or not even feel the smallest bit of sadness because they won't help. Anyone can be that person but because they are at a higher social rank, they can do the simplest thing in moving to another place. Anyone else who decides to walk away are those people who decide t take another route just to not feel bad. I see a parallel because I know many people who will do anything to avoide someone being happy. Someone who is so ignorant about somoeone else's feeling that they cut the person off just to not deal with the other person's feelings. Everyone can once in a wile be the one who walks away, but at the same time those people who are being neglected with other peoples help can be the child in the story.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Social Injustice

Image result for social injusticeI think it is important to value social injustice because it can sometimes allow people to be more aware of situations around us. It is also away to think about what is moral and what is not.Some prevalent issues our world has to face today would be racism, acts diminishing women, religious conflicts, and also people accepting other individuals sexual orientation. I say these our the hardest issues we face in our generation because we are protesting like never before, and we are trying to get the rights we deserve. These issues have been problems for so long. Wee been so strong and those of color have fought to be treated equally to others. Even today, teenagers have been making racist remarks that we should now know is not necessary Women are still fighting to get paid the same as men. Women believe that they should have the same house duties as men, not only to be the "women of the house". Believing that we can do things just as well as men.I would mostly one of me personal concerns would mostly be racism and the mistreat  of women. I would say these would be my personal concerns because I am Mexican and around school, you hear so many comments that don't believe because I know it is not true. Also, I've heard what is and what is not a women's duties. Cleaning a house instead of following a career. Cooking instead of playing sports. But there is so much worth to a women that men don't want want to see.
The ted talk I choose was Sanford Biggers: An Artist's Unflinching Look at a Racial Violence. This talk was about a black man who is an artist and in the beginning he talks about a creation of a Lotus and how it is a symbol in Buddhism of transcendence, purity of mind and spirit. He says that if you look closely  it shows different types of slave strips. He explains how Americans don't like to talk about the slave action that used to happen, so he tries a new technique by using a different religion to get more people to talk about it. He demonstrates that even a school for men who are either African-american or Latino have that Lotus structure on one of their walls. Sanford displayed a clip that was of a African wooden figure and shot it at to represent many killings that happened to African-american citizens which the guilty men came out with no charge. He wants people to understand that these killings or this mistreatment isn't recent and that its been happening for about 500 years. I've learned that artists and many others have tries to spread an awareness of their mistreatment and since he knows that people don't like to talk about it, he tried to make it a more interesting way for people to realize it.

Friday, February 3, 2017

All it Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes

In the Ted Talk, "All it Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes" by Andy Puddicombe, he explains how people focus on doing so many activities that can stress us out, and we don't worry about ourselves or our minds. We miss out on things that we believe are most important to us. He tells the viewers that everyone will say "that is what happens in life" and he wants to show that its wrong to think that way. He gives a personal example which was when he felt stressed out or was going through  rough time, he explained how other would cope, meaning it would be by a distraction or by looking for support in someone else. He said that when he became a monk, he was grateful and learned to appreciate being in the moment. He demonstrated that people focus more on either on the future or in the past and not enough in the present.
Image result for people living in the momentThis video has shown me or at least made me think more about how not to worry about my stress. That i should be anxious when I am anxious about something else because it will add more stress into my life. I need to be in the moment and not worry about the future and not think about what would of happened in the past. The 10 minutes he talks about that we need to be in the present, doesn't mean its for distressing myself, it for me to know what I'm worried about and find a way to deal with it. As an individual we repeat what we already know. If we take 10 minutes, we realize what type of mind we have whether its the mind that is always worried about a situation or having the same routine or the mind that feels that we can't stop when we know we need to. Ten minutes to feel in the moment is all we need to know that we can be happy and that we will be okay, to not stress about the future or the past.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Surprising Science of Happiness

In the ted talk, "The Surprising Science of Happiness" by Dan Gilbert, he explains that happiness means more than what the eye is able to see or what we might feel. He states that as humans, individuals have the ability to experience things before we actually even accomplish them. He shows that people who earn million of dollars will end up having the same amount of happiness as someone who is paraplegic. We expect that different choices will have different outcomes that will not always be true. He demonstrates th difference between synthetic happiness and natural happiness.
Image result for happinessAfter watching this video, I realized a few things. I realized that eventually, we all have the same amount of happiness, its just that some people experience it before others. I've learned that the happiness we can expect from earning a million dollars doesn't last too long. As individuals, we have to learn ho to be happy with what we have whether its from a disability or an advantage. Because maybe in a few months or years, that money will run out or we will learn to be okay and be able to accept and move on from out disability. Happiness won't always come from where we want it too, but if we live by the moment and live it with positive people, we can be happy. As quick as we get our happiness, that can be the same speed we use to loose it. People are to believe that happiness is what we get when we get what we wanted. But in other cases, we get happy even when we believed we couldn't.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What Makes Me Happy

Many things can make me happy, but the main thing that makes me happy, is my family and some of my closest friends. My family makes me happy because they are my main supporters, and I always want to make them proud. I love spending time with them because they always make me laugh. Even doing the simplest things, such as watching TV, makes me happy. I don't feel I have many friends. The friends I do have are there for me, or help me take my mind off of things that always affect me. I love the friends that I have that make me feel important to them and like they need me. Only a few do that and I am very appreciative of them. They make me feel so comfortable and like I can be myself. Even if we only have two classes with them, I always try to talk to them because I'll always need them. I don't bring up my problems around them because I don't want them to worry. I just want to be happy, and just by talking to them helps me be happy. I have so many memories with my family and friends that are irreplaceable and that I would never change. They make me feel so comfortable around them and be myself and that's what makes me the happiest. That I don't have to be someone I'm not. They make me the happiest I can ever be, they never make me feel like I need to be more or that I have to change for them because the accept me by the way that I am. I am so grateful to have them in my life and I would never want to change a thing about them and I hope they think the same for me.
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Friday, December 9, 2016


Perseverance, is found as "steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success". Although, that is correct, it is okay to go deeper than that. Perseverance is the ability to not give up once you have your mind set to something. It's the fact that you work harder for something you want with a passion. I had just enough perseverance to make the girls soccer team this year. Last year, I tried out, but didn't make the cut. This year I worked, I worked because I didn't want to feel like that again and I wanted to make sure I made the team. I practiced twice a week with my brother and that ended up leading to four times a week. We worked on a lot of cardio because that's what killed me the most. That was one of my difficulties. But, that didn't mean I gave up. I kept working and once the tryouts came, I gave it my all. I knew there were many good girls trying out as well, but that didn't stop me. I found out I made the team. I was so happy and I called my brother to let him know, and I was almost crying. I was so concentrated on making the team. That's what I wanted and I went for it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Self-control

Knowing who and how I am, I believe I have a good amount of self-control, but I also know my limits. I help people out, but if they stat to disrespect me, I won't tolerate that. I know that they might have a lot of anger, and I know they are going through a lot, but I shouldn't be the one getting disrespected if they are the ones who re coming to me for help. When I was younger, my mom took me to the DMV where we had to wait for a really long time. I was sitting there playing with my hands next to sisters who were being loud and obnoxious. my mom leaned over to me and said "thank you for not being like them and for being calm and not complaining". I got really happy when my mom told me that. But, I also know there are times where I will not be as calm as that. As I got older, I started to become a little more impatient, but I don't say anything. I won't say anything because I can't stand it when my family gets mad at me, so I just think in my head. Except those few times where I do explode. But I try to hold it in.